Get personal with In- Step Fitness founder Laurie Kirwin

I've managed two local womens fitness facilities in the past. The biggest complaint I would hear from women is that they didn't know how to work out on their own or they stopped getting results.

With so many gyms out there I wanted to create something more advanced than the current market is offering at the time, a fitness studio where training and ongoing supervision for a safe and effective workout is included as well as a place where women can feel comfortable at any age, or fitness level, especially women 50 + because of the many changes going on in their bodies, they can't workout the same as they did in their youth.

In-Step Fitness was developed with this in mind, providing a personalized training program based on  individual fitness needs from the beginner level to the most advanced exerciser. You will feel right at home here and be able to continually challenge yourself with our weight training equipment and fun fitness classes.